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An Iranian-registered plane crashed into a busy traffic circle in Tehran, killing at least 14 people when it collided with a motorcycle near the capital on Monday.

The plane, a Gulfstream G750 private plane belonging to the Iranian state airline, crashed near the Tehran Airport around noon local time, according to state news agency IRNA.

Tehran’s airport was shut down until at least 10 am local time, according to the country’s official news agency.

“The plane is still airborne … It has an estimated speed of 6-7 miles per hour,” said Shikohar, a representative of Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Two people on the motorcycle, a driver and a passenger, have been killed.

The plane, which left Tehran for the north-eastern city of Zahedan, was not identified, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The plane is owned by Iran’s government-owned Iran Airways.

IranAir officials declined to comment about the crash.

The crash happened despite heavy winter storms that have battered Iran in recent days, including several severe blizzards. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed in the past week.

Iranians have been affected by this and other severe winter weather affecting many countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

In June the Gulfstream G750 crashed while attempting to land at Tehran Airport.

Iran Air had been flying for the past three years with a fleet of Gulfstream G550 planes, which are powered by a gas turbine engine.

The aircraft suffered several severe crash problems in recent years.

In October 2014, the G750, built in 2007,

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