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Yes, in most cases. The IRS says in the Instructions for Form 1040, a “pet care” service is a good deal more than just a babysitting service. The IRS says one of the main activities you might do as an employee of a “non-self-employed person” is to “provide pet sitting.” Pet sitting is not required to be paid, but it is paid, and an employee may do any number of other tasks to help an animal, even out of towners. See What are the main activities a qualified pet sitter must perform? for more information.

For more information on IRS Publication 1474: Pet Sitter, please see:

What are the risks of being a pet sitter?

The risks of being a pet sitter have some common ones, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. First, you don’t handle anything, unless you have your certification. Second, if you are a trained and licensed therapist, or a certified professional counselor with an associate degree, it’s easy to tell your customers what they are supposed to do, and keep them from doing it. Third, there are many different types of pet-sitters, like “couples” (they usually refer to pets that have been with someone and they have a relationship), “cat-sitters” or “dogs-surrey-surrey-surrey-surrey-surrey,” or even “cats-surry-surrey-surrey-surrey-surrey,” and everyone has different opinions on the different types. And they don’t know all of the rules!

Does the IRS pay for pet sitters?

Yes! The “non-employee” owners of qualifying shelters, rescue groups and animal welfare shelters pay their fees in addition to any money that your shelter makes from donations.

How do I get a tax form without my name on it?

To complete the Form 1040, use the online portal: Go to and click on the “Fill out tax return Online” link. A tax form for a qualified pet sitter should be emailed back to you by the IRS by the 1st day of the 3rd week in August and your name should not appear.

Why don’t the IRS say what are your fees and the name of the person for who I am paying them?
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The IRS doesn’t list every pet sitter’s fees. Some of these may be covered by

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