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You must work your ass off to live in and work off your own money, your own time, and your own labor. You may use money that you’re already saving, but you can’t borrow from the government or borrow from your parents, and you certainly can’t earn free money by selling your labor to a business. I know that this is hard to believe, and I’m not suggesting you make your own business; there’s a good reason why every business owner and entrepreneur tries to pay their employees more than their employees are worth, and that’s because you don’t want to overburden an independent person with your money.

What would a dog walker and dog trainer do with a big business loan? I think someone could probably figure out a way to do it — in a way that didn’t require you, an independent person, to turn your back and walk off into the country. Perhaps a small business owner could be hired to take an extra year in order to work on the dog walkers, as the dog walker does not have a day job. Perhaps the owner could use this extra time to do something else — perhaps there might be a new business venture that they can work on together. The only requirement is that the owner pay enough of their salary to make sure dog walking is a real job that a decent, hardworking, honest person can do.

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What would an independent contractor do? Again, I know that might seem crazy, but let me assure you: the only time I personally have been out of work has been due to a “freelance” employment arrangement. If I ever decide to move to a more permanent job, I’ll consider myself completely satisfied with how it went, and I won’t feel like I’ve been cheated. I really don’t care if there’s a big corporation that hires me to work on a machine at $60 an hour. Even if the job never gets done, I’m never going to be less of a person than if I had to pay a corporation $60,000 a year for the privilege of working.

The bottom line: a dog walker and dog trainer can make your dog walk if they’re willing to dedicate the time and energy for the work to themselves, even if they don’t have a day job as an independent person. Why do you pay $30,000 a year to go and have fun while they’re busy with their family? You will never become a millionaire, and the dog walker and dog trainer will never have the

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