Is dog walking self employed? – Arthur’s Pet Business 2/2

No it’s not. Dog walking self-employed is defined by the following:

A dog walker is ‘someone who walks dogs or dogs for a fee’ and not a registered agent of a business or agency.

So anyone with a dog and/or dogs can be a dog walker.

In short, dog walking is a very flexible business – it’s very much up to you, and who you have to pay for.

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Dog walking can be a bit of a gamble

As the above point indicates it’s an activity where you could end up losing a substantial amount every week or so. Dog owners can certainly become over reliant on this, in fact dog walkers who want to be more financially stable may want to take a break from it.

If you’re looking for a regular, reliable and sustainable income with no risks, you could do a lot worse than dog walking, especially when compared to all kinds of other job opportunities you may want to try.

So how much can I make?

At the moment, dogs are about £45 for 4 hours of walking

This figure is based on average prices we saw online from the major retailers

At a national average of £35 per hour, you could earn $20,000 to $30,000 a week (depending what you spend and how often you go over your set weekly allowance).

With the recent rise in dog walkers taking on more and more clients, you could easily end up making a lot more from dog walking than what you’d expect, from a typical income perspective, from an hourly rate.

This is only the beginning

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which type of job to start, and who you should approach and whom you want to take on.

So what’s a dog walker for you?

Dog Walking is not a difficult or boring job, and it certainly won’t take your mind off what’s really important.

You can find great advice and experience on what type of work to start up here.

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