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In Arizona you can buy a dog walker insurance policy with an initial limit of $100,000. This means that in general, if you run a dog walking business in Arizona, you probably need at least $100,000 to insure your business. This is because, unlike other states and in many parts of the country, you can’t run a dog walking business without having a dog walking business business licence.

You can do business legally without a licence if you hold a dog walking business licence issued by your municipality in which you operate. In some municipalities you might be able to have a dog training certificate from another municipality.

Your dog walking business in Arizona requires you to get permission from your municipality to have a dog walking business. What permission you need depends on whether you have your own facilities for training your dogs. Generally, this means that you can only carry on an operating business in the same location that your dog training centre is located.

You can carry on a dog walking business in several locations but not in one location where your dog training centre is located.

In many municipalities the local council gives its permission for dog walking businesses like your dog training centre to operate on Sundays if the council decides that your business does not compete with other businesses. If you don’t get permission for your dog training centre to be in a commercial park then the local council may restrict you from having dogs being trained in your dog walking business because it is not within the park’s boundaries. If your dog training centre is located within a park’s boundaries, be aware that you might not get permission to let your dogs use the park in the evening if the local council decides that your business does not compete with other businesses.

When you apply for or renew your dog walking dog training business licence, be aware that the licence costs approximately $1,080 annually and requires you to hold an active local business licence.

This cost is based on the annual insurance premium.

You can also get a second dog walking business licence (up to a maximum of $2000 or 20 dogs) for $100 a year and also purchase an additional 10 dogs at $250 each. These two licences are valid until the end of 2017 and then both licencees receive a 30-day cancellation notice. You will also need to pay the 30 days in advance for each pet. The first dog walking licence is valid through September 30, 2017
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Some businesses sell licences that cover the number of dogs you can have. Dog training licences are usually provided

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