How much is a pet shop Licence? – How To Start An Exotic Pet Store

A pet shop licence is required to conduct business. It is a fee of $25 for your first one per month and $60 per month after that.

If you don’t plan to use your pet shop as a business, you can apply for a non-custodial pet store licence. This allows you to sell your animals at your property for not more than 30 days without a license (no fees). When you apply for a non-custodial pet store license, you will be asked to pay a $10 administrative fee.

To find out if a business must have a license:

Contact your local city if that’s where you wish to sell your animals. You can either provide a contact person or provide a website. They’ll need your name and address and some of the items you’re currently selling. In many cases, you’ll be required to provide a licence number and description for all items you’re selling, which can be found on the application forms. If the animals can’t be kept for more than 30 days without a licence, you must apply for a ‘no-breed breed’ permit when you sell them. The business will need your licence number and a licence application form. You may need to provide receipts for all sales of animals at your pet shop. The receipts will need to show the price and an agreed upon amount for every animal sold at your pet store. The ‘no-breed breed’ permit does not need to be renewed.

If you do not renew your license every two years, then your licence is valid for one year. If you don’t renew your licence, then you must pay the fees, or get a ‘no-breed breed’ permit.

When you are looking to start a pet store business, it’s best to contact a local council to get more information. If possible, contact each one before you go ahead with your plans.

What if my pet store is located in a commercial zone where we must get a license?

If you live in a commercial zone in North Queensland, you must apply for a licence. If you sell animals, you will also need to apply for a commercial licence. You must pay a fee of $25 for each licence application.

If your business sells animals on the residential side of your property, or is located within 600m of an adult school, you may still apply for a commercial licence, but it will likely be more expensive. Contacting the council ahead of

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