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We can give you the information you need! This may help you find an affordable solution to your dog grooming needs. We’re here to make grooming services as simple for you as possible!

There is no need to do your research; our database of over 20,000 dogs in need will quickly bring you to a solution. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or view our results, call 705-932-3565.

If you are interested in pricing, start by looking at our cost overview. We also have a number of other costs, such as supply costs and overhead costs you may be unfamiliar with. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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What are the basics?

To understand what we do, first we need to cover the basics of dog grooming.

You need to know what a grooming service is like. It is all about making your dog look and behave the best it can. We offer a wide variety of dog grooming services in the Tampa, Tampa Bay area, including, but not limited to:


The cutting of the coat and trimming of hair are considered very important things. Most people can trim their dogs’ coats within a 24hrs (depending on the age of the dog and the hair. Most dogs we cut between 7-10 weeks old are groomed daily. We also offer an hourly option.

Grooming Tips: Trimming, trimming and cleaning must be done with safety equipment. We recommend that your dog is wearing a muzzle. We recommend that when your dog is trimmed, he has a coat to groom and grooming brush to groom. If you do decide upon a grooming service we have a specific grooming schedule that fits everyone. The following are the grooming schedule for both service members and non-members as indicated,

Service member: 2hr*

Non-member: 2hr*

*Service member is one who has completed or completed a dog grooming course and has earned his or her certification.

Who is eligible to service?

As of January, 2011, service members under the age of 9 years can apply for an initial trial time. Additionally, there are special requirements about service member dogs:

* Service members under 1 year of age do not need a trial period.

What if you are a non-service member?

If you are unsure about whether you are eligible to start or renew an service agreement or if your dog is

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