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How much do Zoo vets make?

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It was the story that would make Dr. Mehmet Oz famous among the mainstream medical profession.

As part of a promotion for his new television show, Dr. Oz was on the Today show in early 2003 to present the story of an 82-year-old man with leukemia who developed a large blood clot in his lungs.

As Dr. Oz recounted the story, a man came forward to tell of having undergone a similar experience. It turned out that both these examples were the result of homeopathy.

So, what is the deal?

homeopathy is a woo-like quackery

homeopathy uses chemicals or substances so diluted they are no longer available in a supermarket

homeopathy is based on “discoverable” and “independent” tests, yet it is based on chemicals and substances that have never been tested, and are not independent of one another

the homeopathic remedies are of a “dubious” nature, meaning they are not proven by modern scientific methods

in a recent interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly, Dr Oz was asked what homeopathy is. Instead of offering his usual “it’s the next big thing that you didn’t know it can be” answer, Dr Oz tried to convince a skeptic audience that homeopathy is a very woo-like “quackery.”

“Homeopathy is a homeopathic medicine, which is a collection of different substances that are put in each other and then combined to create a kind of medicine,” Dr. Oz said. “What the medical community calls ‘homeopathic medicine,’ homeopaths call ‘quackology.'”

As you might imagine, the homeopathic “homeopathy” made out to be the real deal: it works! So it must be the best possible medicine; the science of chemistry and physiology is not at all what homeopaths claim, and is not a proven system based on tests of substances.

In this case, homeopathy is nothing more than a big scam—which is why it is so important to understand it. And when you understand it, you can help stop it.


Homeopathy was first popularized by the German chemist Albert Hofmann in the early 19th century. Hofmann,

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