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What is the difference between a zoo and a zoo exhibit?

Do zoos have different prices for animals?

Do zoos even have animals?

How much do Zoo animals cost?

Do zoos even have animals?

What the Zoo Fee Is Really For?

As you no doubt know, the animals in zoos are often the most photographed or talked about, and many of the animals are not actually for sale. But here’s what’s actually being sold at a zoo:

A captive wildlife species, a zoo-bred animal(s) (which are often raised for the aquarium industry or are hybrids or sub-species of a wild variety – often referred to as ‘captive stock’ or simply ‘stock’), which is not the same as a ‘wildlife-type’ animal.
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A species or sub-species of animal(s) that has been bred, or raised, and is used in a zoo, but has no scientific use or is not of public interest or welfare.

A specimen, such as a baby or baby elephant, or immature animal, for breeding purposes but with no scientifically valid purpose.

A living ‘wild’ bird, which is not currently captive bred or used for breeding purposes.

As we already know, captive wildlife species often do not have the same rights as their wild relatives, and the sale to the public of even wild animals may in fact be illegal (depending on state law). In many regions, it is illegal to hold or own the zoo’s wild animals.

What Happens To Your Zoo Animals?

All wildlife in zoos, as well as native animals for which breeding centers are not yet commercially interested in acquiring, are sent to facilities such as zoos for rehabilitation. Once rehabilitated, zoos may then sell or release their animals back into the wild. When captive-bred animals are released back into the wild, captive-bred wild animals sometimes do a little bit better than the parent species. However, they are generally much better at surviving, and therefore will not be as healthy as wild animals with a natural environment.

What About the Zoo Fees?

Like most zoo fees, the basic zoo fee is based on the number of animals housed.

Generally, zoo charges in any state that includes the zoos and aquariums are based on the gross number of animals in the zoos. In Illinois, for example, the basic basic zoo fee is $2

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