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Step 2: Pick Your Walk Position

Here are the steps:

Pick your walking position. Pick your direction.

In other words, if you’re going to walk one dog in a particular direction, walk that way all the time. This works because dogs recognize “stompy” and “scrapy” walkers. If you want to walk both dogs at the same time, pick one and stick with it.

Don’t forget: if you’re going for the long run, that’s a totally different idea (so why take that risk?).

Step 3: Learn When To Walk

This is crucial when your dog is really tired and you can’t remember where he’s going. And, of course, don’t let them off the leash without a leash leash. In any case, the more you practice walking with them, the better you’ll get. Dogs can get really, really tired.

Step 4: Train Them Both

There are a lot of dog walking programs out there, so let me tell you the best one I’ve used: Puppy Training 101. In it, you learn the exact amount you must walk and how long—the amount you must walk every second or minute of the day. Then, you’re off the leash for 15 minutes per day—sometimes much longer if you’re a walker.

And here’s what happens when you go from puppy training to full-fledged walker:

When dogs run free, they stop and take turns.

They stop to look around, sometimes pausing for short periods to look at their surroundings or the people in the next room.

They walk side-to-side.

They stop at the edge to look for their lost friend.

They stop for short, easy, quick periods to rest.

They pick up small objects and put them in their mouths.

They put things in their legs.

They stand up and walk.

They stay upright.

They don’t wander around searching for a place to go.

They have plenty of time to rest.

For example: Puppy Training 101

The one you hear a lot in dog training classes, Puppy Training 101. If only this is the case. Here, your dog learns this:
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When you start a new walk and you’re all of a sudden tired, stop and get on a run for a minute or two, then back

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