How do I make quick cash? – Business Plan Of Pet Shop

With our flexible payment options, you can make a payment today to easily get paid as often as it’s convenient for you.

We accept a wide variety of credit cards

You can also pay with PayPal using your local mobile network, or by phone.

With a mobile phone service provider in your vicinity from a mobile phone or internet provider, be sure to try out our mobile payment option before you book.

What kind of money can I use?

With credit cards and debit cards, you can make any type of payment. Our online platform is safe and secure, and you can make your own payments directly from your card.

Why pay cash on delivery?

With so many cash machines, it’s easier to have a large sum of cash on hand. That might be useful if you have to use your debit card or debit card to make a purchase at a kiosk or on-line.

Why pay with a credit card in Australia?

A credit card can be used with our online platform, so there are no fees, and there are always no surprise charges added to credit card payments. Plus, unlike online banking, you can add money instantly or receive money by direct cash deposit.

With PayPal, you can accept payment in advance online when you’re ready and pay directly out. You’re able to use PayPal payments in over 120 countries, making it easy for anyone to buy goods and services worldwide.

When will my money be received?

As soon as you’ve chosen the payment method to use for your purchase and confirmation has been received by the merchant, you’ll receive your money. In the rare event there is no payment received within thirty days from the date of the online purchase, your money will be refunded if not received.

Can I take my money out?

Once your payment is approved and the amount is paid, you can withdraw your money from our bank account at any time.

How will I know when my money has been credited into my account?

We’ll post a notification through your bank or debit card so that you’re aware of any funds that may have left your account without your permission.

How do I track my money and where can I receive my refund?

We’ve included a simple email address with our website for you to give us your account details and we will email you once your money has been received in the post. You must ensure that your bank account and PIN is up

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