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There are many ways if you’re looking to make a profit on this app. There are also many reasons why the app might not be the fastest or most profitable. When developing my first app I decided not to try and monetize so much. I’m glad I haven’t done that. I’m also able to do it now because I’ve had customers. The app offers a small revenue stream to some users but you have to do some research to find out who is the best user to monetize. I have found that one user is more profitable than 100 others. A lot of the time the users who are not as active will likely not be interested in an app which is designed to sell things. If you’re looking for the most money to pay for your app then you may want to look into a premium product (which is why I’m trying to work with Google). If you’re just looking into making money off of people who download your app make sure the app costs you nothing. The idea here is to make money off of the idea for someone to download your app. I don’t know about you but I think that’s great. To get started I’d like to point out that most of these services and services in general, are free if you can afford it. The reason the first one I mentioned is free is simply for people that are willing to pay the upfront fees to sign up or purchase on the platform. If you are reading this and you can’t afford to sign up that’s okay. You can always get your app for $0.99 and then try to monetize later once you have the customer base that you want to have. If you are the kind of user I’m going to be talking about later I’d try to use Amazon Payments or PayPal to setup the account and then use their service to create your own payment page. I’d also add an invoice feature but in case it doesn’t work for you get on Steam or the iTunes Store. The key to this is that you need to look at pricing so when you are thinking about pricing be specific and remember that it will depend on the price you’re charging for the app as well as its usefulness. I also want to say that since this is on Android, you can create the email/password and setup it with Google Now on the phone. This is so that you can have the app and all the necessary information automatically synced when you arrive at your store. What’s more is that you can see the price of the app when it appears on

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