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There are many ways to make money from home as an amateur artist, including the free print and digital products found on this page. If you want to be paid for making a print or download, you can contact me to find out how you can set you up as a publisher for your own art print or download. I’ll get you set up with my contact info and let you know when you can ship out your work.

What about commissions? What do I need for this?

There’s only one thing you need to do to get paid when you create your art work. You need to become your own boss, take control of everything at a professional level and pay out what’s needed to create a great piece.

What do I need to be a professional?

You should have a good sense of style, color and composition skills, a wide range of experience and have the right equipment. You should be ready to go and know how to fix everything with a simple brush and proper finishing techniques. If you’re interested in seeing how we go all professional you can check out our video.

What do I need to be a freelance? What do I need to know?

If you work for a small online company, or have freelanced for a large company you might ask them for a “contract” for you. But there are a lot of little differences between the two that all people need to know.

In a contract you tell them where you’ll be and what you’ll charge for services. In order to get the job done you would have to submit your work to a client and ask for payment. In exchange for having a client, your employer makes a commission on how good you do. They will pay you less, or more, depending on the quality of your work.

You could think of it as a “salary”. This would probably not be ideal for everyone, but with my work you can be compensated for something!

How does payment work?
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Your best bet is probably to contact the artist yourself and try to find out the details about their work. Here are a couple of questions to ask them if possible:

1) What is the expected price of your work? How long is the process usually? Where does the money go?

2) Is it up to you to hire the artist for the project? Is it up to them to send you the files?

3) How many people can work on their project?

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