Does Rover give you a w2? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukulele Tuning

No, Rover lets you give your w2 to a friend, in the same way we do with our own personal banking, credit card or bank accounts.

How do I transfer money from the Rover app to PayPal? How do I transfer money to my friend that is not on Rover?

We have a number of options to transfer money from the Rover app to PayPal, including transferring by voice, text, WhatsApp or email. See our Transferral section below where we have detailed instructions.

How do I transfer money to a friend outside of the Rover app?

You can use third party accounts such as PayPal, Amazon and VISA, but please see our Transferral section below.

Can I get around being charged fees when transferring money?

Yes. You can contact Rover’s customer service team through their account settings to request the option to charge no fee for transferring funds from the app to your PayPal account.

Can I have access to my data when transferring money to or from a friend?

It’s important to note, that your personal data will not be shared with any other person, and that your friends must be on Rover’s official app before any funds can be transferred.

Who can I see my data on?

You can find your data with Rover’s security settings. Your data can also be viewed by the security settings on your Apple account. See our security section for more information.

How do my friends get information about me from Rover?

It’s important to note, that Rover’s security settings ensure that all information about your mobile device is only used, and stored within your device and not sent to other parties. While we do not monitor the way information is shared, we do not have access to it. To make your life easier and ensure that there is no chance of the data going to others, we’re happy to provide you with contact details if you’re curious, or to give you access to your data once in the future. It’s important to note that any contact info you share with other parties will be stored within your device and not transferred to others, so you should carefully consider how sensitive this might be.

Can I share a personal photo with someone else for the purpose of creating a Rover App for them?

We don’t enable this and your data will only be shared within the app itself, and only for the duration of the app, at which point it will not be used at all.

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