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We encourage owners to visit the City’s official site to find out more information about local regulations. What is your insurance plan? We offer pet insurance that covers you, your dog, and the pet’s belongings for emergencies and long-term care of pets. What about the dog’s teeth? As of July 1, you can expect to see some change on your dog’s teeth if you own a dog. Most dogs are now vaccinated. However, you should be aware that vaccinations do not protect against rabies or other infectious illnesses the bite could have.

Where do I sell them? Your local humane society doesn’t really handle pet sales — though they’ll find someone who will.

What’s the difference between a dog breeder and a rescue shelter? Dogs are generally bred to produce puppies. Rescue shelters are groups that rescue or “rehab” dogs from abusive homes. What’s a litter? Sometimes pet stores refer to new puppies in the “light” or “mid-grade” category. Light is an appropriate term for dogs that are still in the womb. Mid-grade means the puppies are born before reaching the end of their 3rd week. You will not find puppies in any one season, but you might see their first litter during Spring, Summer, or Fall. How long can it be before puppies become aggressive and show up the day after birth?

Many puppies stay with their foster parents or home for about a month before they are officially adopted. Some will stay overnight as fosters or companions. Others spend part of their first few days with relatives. How many pups will they have? Each litter has 10-14 (maybe more) puppies. How many years are puppies old by? Pups reach sexual maturity at about 7 years old in the United States. Pregnant females will stay with their babies for up to 2 months. They should then move to new homes at about the same time the puppies are ready to leave the den. You can see how puppies develop by observing them in the den as they grow. How long can puppies or dogs be alone for? Many puppies don’t know when to go to the bathroom. Puppies and dogs may be alone for the first week or more until they are comfortable. They will often move back in with their parents or foster family in the following months and, at some time during their 3rd year, will be going to social events such as dog sports, puppy daycares, or group outings. How long can puppies live in a home? Puppies can

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