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In some areas a permit is required for dog sales in the city of Seattle. You will need a certificate of registration from your state or city and the name of a dog dealer in the area where you plan to take the dog to sell.
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Do you have to register all your dogs? If you have a rescue dog or fostered dog, you can register them immediately.

What can I do if I have a permit? You should complete the Puppy Owners License application, sign it and bring it to the Animal Services branch of the city. They will inspect your dog and decide whether you are in compliance or not. Some dogs might require a new permit, or new registration with a new vendor. Some dogs may require their own new registrations. If you do not get the permit you need, your dog will be returned to you, but in some cases a new permit may also be required. Once your dog has passed any licensing requirements, you can take them to a local dog rescue if they would like them as a foster or a friend for adoption. If they are registered and up to date to obtain a Puppy Owners License, they must also get that license.

Can my dog be in my yard? No. This does not include the dog’s play yard. You can keep your dog as long as it is under control and under your control is that it is not in the yard. The Seattle City Council regulates dog walking and you are responsible for your dog walking under these rules. If you take your animal outside and the dog escapes, you can have that dog removed by the city if you so request.

What can I do if I have a permit but I know that they are full? The Puppy Owners License application is very thorough. The permit forms are printed and available online, but you will have to wait for a copy in front of the front desk at each animal shelter and each time you pick up the permit when you are dropped off. If you want to change your mind, they do give you more time for that or you can change your mind and drop out later. Also, if your puppy does not pass any licensing for three years, you will have to re-certify to the city of Seattle a full license (for a minimum of three years, but most are up to five years). As of 2012, permits are limited to 25 dogs.

Are there any additional fees for the Puppy Owners License? There are also other costs for dogs, as long as they are not in

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