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The city of San Diego offers a non-motorized dog wash service for dogs under age 7. The dog wash is free and will include a full clean and rinse with a new coat, some additional grooming services and a pet carrier. You can purchase tickets here. For more information, please call 311 and be sure to mention “Dog Wash” on your inquiry. There is an application fee of $10.00.

Is sanjok dog washing safe?

San Jose City Councilman Larry Reidy stated in an article ( that he was very surprised when he checked out the sanjok wash operation in San Jose: “I think San Jose is more of a dog city than I thought. I saw a lot of dogs at the sanjok, and I’m afraid some of those might be contaminated,” Reidy said. He also mentioned that many of San Jose’s dogs were not vaccinated against rabies. So far, in the San Jose area, no dogs have been reported to have died of rabies.

Is sanjok safe for people with allergies?

San Jose’s sanjok program has been widely criticized by people who had allergies to milk or formula. Many people who have allergies to wool or cat fur have been denied access to the sanjok program. In most cases the reason is that the owners of those pets were considered “dog nuts.” But the pet owners have their own pet concerns, not just to do with dogs or wool. Some have had their dog-nuts be ailing and not getting proper care. Others also have had dog-nuts who have had to leave the program because of allergies.

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