Do you need a license to wash dogs? – Arthur’s Pet Business Activities Description

It depends on the breed. All dogs with a registered service or registration dog are subject to the mandatory licensing and registration requirements of the Animal Control Code.

Must all dogs be vaccinated?

Yes, mandatory vaccination is required for service and/or registration dogs.

Can my dog be the cause of damage?

Yes, a service or registration dog is not allowed to be the cause of damage to property.

What if the dog bites my child?

If you are bitten by your dog and are unable to remove the dog from your property you must report it to the city immediately. If the report is made, you will have to pay for your medical expenses and the cost of removing the dog from your property.

Can I have a service or registration dog out late at night or in an extremely loud place?

Yes. The City has guidelines regarding your dog’s noise levels. It is not permitted to have a service or registration dog outside with a loud, obnoxious or otherwise distracting dog.

Can I have a service or registration dog around kids?

No. Your dog is not permitted to come within one foot (1/4 of way) of a child under the age of five. Please note: This rule does not apply to service dogs for people with disabilities.

Can I have a service or registration dog with my service or registration license?

No. Only your service or registration license valid for the length of your service or registration term is allowed.

Can I have a service or registration dog inside a restaurant or at a playground during a dog running time?

A service or registration dog may not be inside a vehicle during a dog running time.

Can I have a service or register dog on the sidewalk?

Service dogs may not be on the street or sidewalk, but can enter and leave any alley or property on any street for the duration of your service or registration (excluding businesses in the same building). There is no exception to this rule if the dog is allowed to meet people or other dogs on other property.

What are the requirements of owning a service or registration dog?

Service or registration will allow you to own a dog under the age of three years with a registration. If your dog is 3 years old or younger and doesn’t have a registration it is not allowed to be in a household.

Can I get a service or registration dog without a license?

It depends. If you have been

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