Do you need a license to sell pets? – Pet Business Ideas In India

No. For the purposes of this statute, a pet breeder may sell only an animal that he or she has received from a dealer pursuant to a valid written lease agreement, unless the pet dealer is in existence at the time of purchase, or until the dealer sells the animal to a new purchaser, in which case no restrictions on the time period may be imposed by statute. “License” is not defined.

Is it illegal to rent out my pet for a profit?

No. It is illegal to rent out a pet for a profit if the pet is being kept by a person who is not a licensed pet breeder or pet store, pursuant to a written lease agreement if the pet is being kept by a “person required to be licensed pursuant to the Animal Welfare Act [Section 42.01 et seq.]” This section does not apply to the rental of a pet for shelter purposes.
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What is a “permitted pet” and “exempt pet”?

Under the regulations issued by the Division of Public Health and the State Veterinarian, certain pets are permitted in the home as pets while their owners are away from home. The regulations are designed to protect the public from the dangers posed by dogs and cats who are not properly licensed and properly kept. There are also regulations that govern how dogs are to be registered with the Department. These regulations are explained in more detail in the General Regulations section.

What do the rules say about pets being kept in a cage without a glass door?

The regulations state that if the glass door to the cage is closed, no animal may be kept therein for more or less than 8 hours a day or during the daytime or night, but must have a minimum of two (2) glass doors and one (1) airtight door per animal at all times. The regulations also require that one (1) airtight door with a window facing the exterior of the cage should be made available for inspection by the State Veterinarian.

Are there requirements for a veterinarian’s certificate and certification?

The state veterinarian may require that the animal be examined before it is allowed to be kept on the premises. Such animal must have a certificate of good health and a certificate issued by the state veterinary board indicating that the animal is in good health. These regulations do not prohibit a person from having other pets or children be given permission to keep animals as pets without the appropriate certificate and certification.

What is a “badged animal”?


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