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Any kind of farming may be licensed in any state. An animal farm is any place where any kind of live animals are raised. So this means that you need a license if you are raising chickens, cows, pigs, etc. and you do it for profit. Your farm must have a certificate of inspection and meet all other requirements.

For example:

A dairy farm is a legal business. An animal farm is any place where any kind of live animals are raised.

A non-profit zoo and zoos must have an animal care or animal welfare certificate. You need a certificate to exhibit animals for non-profit purposes at the zoos and non-profit zoos.

A commercial farm does not need a permit.

Do I need an inspection before I can rent an animal farm?

You do not need to have an inspection to rent an animal farm.

Inspection Requirements for Animal Breeders, Breeders of Antelope, and Swine/Goats

In order for an animal care license or an animal welfare certificate to be valid, both the animal care certificate and the animal welfare certificate must be carried at all times during business hours.

For example, if you are a commercial hog farmer, you need to have a animal care certificate at all times while you are in operation, the farm must have a farm inspector present at all times.

What are the requirements for an inspection if an inspection is required?

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