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Cats have been observed with owners that are angry and not willing to try to work out a resolution through calm, calm, no more crying — they just want to get the dog off them. I’ve read about this in a lot of books on human relationships, where these are the results. But they’re usually in situations where the dogs are either terrified or fearful; I think that’s where the blame really needs to go.

When you dog comes home, you have to really try to get him to like you in every way possible. And in that situation, I think the dog is trying to work with you — and not just to get the anger out but to actually figure out a resolution of the situation.

Some dogs just don’t like you, even if they’ve been in your house for 8 years. Even if they’ve learned how to be more loyal, even if they’ve been in your home for 10 years.

Some people have never even met the dog, and they just decide to punish the owner so much that ultimately it destroys the family and the relationship. If there’s a point to an argument, then it will likely lead to violence.

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And what happens if you make the situation too difficult by locking the dog in? No matter what’s right in the moment, all dogs are going to be like, “I don’t want to be with you anymore. It isn’t just because I feel like I’m going to hurt him. It’s because I know you’re going too bad to treat me right.”

People who keep their dogs because they feel threatened by their own dogs are not giving themselves the best chance at helping their family.

If they put their dog on a leash, and it’s a leash that they can’t use, are they leaving an open door with the dog loose and a dog that gets in the way when they walk the dog, or would they get in the dog’s way and make him afraid? That is a very difficult situation for anyone.

If you have a dog that’s really, really stubborn, the only thing that helps is letting the dog know what I’m gonna do when I get mad at him, and then you’ve got to deal with that. It’s going to destroy the relationship.

How do you stay calm when you come home and find yourself saying things?

It’s all in my mind sometimes:

“I don’t know how to say this, but I really want everybody to please

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