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In Massachusetts, most dog walkers must include a tax on their gross income. A few states exempt dog walkers from the tax, and most states have a tax on a small percentage of a dog’s dog-care service. In the Northeast, New York to Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, each new dog can have up to a $25 tax bill on it. In the West, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, dog owners don’t have to pay. These states either exempt the service (usually animal control) or set their own taxes on the cost of a walk through a public or private dog park. Some states, like Hawaii do not tax the service, and Alaska doesn’t offer a tax exemption for dog walkers.

How much is the service fee? How much are dog walkers forced to pay? If you are doing dog walker work for dog walking companies for just about any amount of time, the amount of your fee depends on your distance, time and the length of time you’re providing service. For every 25 feet of walk, a dog walker can charge between $2.00 and $2.50 per mile and a dog walker can charge between $2.00 and $2.80 per mile for walkers who walk over 60 miles per day. A dog walker can also add a $2.25 pet surcharge for their canine or feline companion. Dog and animal walkers who are under the age of 18 are not subject to this surcharge.

Do dogs get a discount? Some states exempt animal care services (dog and cat sterilization, vaccinations and deworming) from their dog walker fees, and others don’t have the same policy. In states like California, New Mexico, Missouri and Wyoming, there are no tax exemptions for dog walkers and so there is no discount for dogs. In other states, dog owners must either pay fees for the service or receive pet vouchers. While some states don’t have the same dog walker tax policy, some do and there are tax benefits for dog walkers. The state in which you work is not an advantage to this relationship.
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Can I use a dog walker just for the walk? In most states, a dog walker’s only purpose is to provide walk. They can also be helpful on other things like helping with dog walker training, guiding dogs, cleaning and walking dogs, or simply taking care of business. If you and your dog would like to get to

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