Do dog walkers need a license? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Uke Strings

Yes and no. You should have a good amount of experience walking a dog as a hobby before seeking your local licensing board and/or local animal control agency to have your dog licensed.

Can I get my dog’s license at a Pet Store?

No, you do not have to have your dog spayed or neutered to qualify for a license.

Can dogs be spayed/neutered at two young ages, or at an older age?

This depends on the age of the dog and how long it has been that dog. Generally, puppies should be spayed or neutered at a point in the 2-8 month period and older dogs when they are between 6 months to 11 months.

Can I have my dog’s license in Spanish?

Yes but your license will not be valid in Spanish. Make sure that you enter both the City of Fort Worth and the county of San Antonio on the license application.

Can dogs be trained?

Dogs who have received obedience training are allowed to work at a pet store.

What if I have a licensed dog and wish to get another dog?

You will need to show proof of training. If you have an existing, licensed dog with you who needs to be spayed or neutered, ask to borrow one from the owner before your next visit. You cannot get a new dog unless a new owner has been approved with an updated certificate of health.

Can I bring my puppy (or other pets) to a pet store?

All registered animals in the United States must be accompanied by a licensed veterinarian, health officer or a responsible adult when they are seen by a pet store.

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