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Can you kill yourself?

I love dogs. I hate them but I love them. I love dogs more than life, more than food and more than life. I love them. I love you. I hate you. I hate you.

I hate you as much as I love you so I don’t say sorry or anything. I think you made an excellent choice to get a puppy, even if it’s just a one year old puppy. Do it!
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The fact that you are getting a puppy. The fact that you are in the right age, and that you have the right personality to be living with somebody who is not an animal lover.

So that’s what I will always be saying. But if you want to keep your dog, then you may find this article helpful, if not you are welcome to look it up, and I think your opinion matters. If you are wondering about puppies, you are not alone, and I wouldn’t blame you!

I am going to have to change. I’m going to have to change, because my kids are starting to be adults and they are going to have so much to do. The kids are going to need a bit of guidance and guidance that won’t just make them happy. And the time is coming when my wife will need a little guidance about this puppy business. Maybe not for a few months, but for a few years. I think that is the time when you should take some time to decide. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, because if you don’t it will come back to bite your head clean off.

If you have a chance to think about it. I don’t think anyone should get a puppy without finding some time for it in their life, without having to think about it, unless of course you are a super serious puppy hunter. But I think it’s best to save your energy for the big stuff, and then look for the time to get into it.

And I think that, if you are not looking at the big stuff, you are not giving yourself a chance to find the best time and the best fit for you and your puppy. And, if you do go for it then you really have a chance, and you may have that opportunity to make a good choice.

It is probably best not to get a puppy at all and just wait a couple of years to find a great match.

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