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We think a dog walker will find the course an invaluable aid to learning and understanding the English language. We use our training program, the English and Language Skills for Dogs (ELI-EDD)( course, as a means to introduce the program to dog walkers who have never trained dogs before and to those who may have only worked dogs once, but haven’t had much experience as a dog walker.

What dogs are qualified to be a dog walker for the program?

There are many dogs and breeds that are suited for the English Language Skills for Dogs (ELI-EDD) program. Dogs of any breed, whether they are small, large, pit, collie, or purebred; or any combination of breeds; are invited to apply.

Can I apply if I don’t have any experience working with dogs in dogs on leashes?

No. We only look for applicants who have some kind of experience working with dogs on leashes. Some dogs cannot be properly educated as a dog walker due to their age or temperament. Dogs are not required to be on leashes when walking with the handler. This means a dog can walk as part of a dog walker package and still be taught the English Language Skills for Dogs course.

What if my dog doesn’t qualify?

You can only apply using valid ID, and only if your dog is an accredited guide dog, service dog for blind people, service dog for the handicapped, or service dog for a blind person. If the applicant doesn’t meet these criteria, we will NOT consider any other qualified applicants. To apply with no ID or without a certification please visit:

How much will it cost to be a dog walker for the English Language Skills for Dogs course?

The English Language skills for Dogs (ELI-EDD) course is not a standard dog walking program. We do not have a cost of entry or a set price for the courses.

Is it possible to become a dog walker with no training experience as long as you bring a dog in the program?

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Yes. You may find that your dog, or group of dogs, does not have the experience needed to successfully become a dog walker. In which case you may need to pay for the instructor. In addition to the fee to qualify as a dog walk

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