Can dogs eat canned tuna? – Pet Business Plan

Canned tuna has not been proven safe for dogs. Some evidence points to potential adverse effects, including a possible increased risk of intestinal parasites. It’s also not as healthy as whole canned tuna as it can be hard on the digestive tract. If you are planning to feed their dog canned tuna, it’s probably best to consult a doctor or veterinarian first to make sure you don’t have any allergies.

Can dogs have a hard time eating cooked or canned tuna?

Not generally. It depends on the species. Generally, dogs will eat cooked and canned tuna. However, they do not seem to get that sweet taste and the smell of canned tuna is rather unpleasant. I’ve had pets that couldn’t tolerate canned tuna at all because they couldn’t handle it. It’s important to note that dogs do not generally have the capacity for chewing food (though some might be able to swallow large amounts). For this reason, it’s not always a good idea to force a dog to dig into a can. They might instead try one of the food options I’ve listed below.

Other choices include:

Cooked chicken or fish (cooked in butter or oil) and other proteins

Canned chicken or beef

Dried fish (dried or frozen) and other proteins

Eggs and scrambled rice

Baked beans

Broccoli and kale

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Pork (or pork belly)


Water chestnuts and pumpkin seeds

Carrots and celery

Pumpkin pie (see recipe above)


Sweet potato (see recipes above)

You can also use a variety of natural canned tuna recipes. Check the Tuna Health section for more information.

If all else fails, they might try canned ham and water chestnuts. I’ve tried this as a dog feeding alternative and it’s really works just fine as a food.

Can dogs eat dry pet food for dog food?

The short answer is…no.

Dietary fat and protein in pet food is very high, often 100 to 200 percent higher than what we would see in our own diets. This can create a problem because dogs are at an increased risk for heart disease when fed dog food based on high fat vs. dry pet food.

One way around the issue is to use a dry dog food formula. It’s possible

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