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Self employment is not a legal requirement for a dog walker. If you are a dog walker who enjoys the freedom of doing what works for you, and is doing it for a living, then you aren’t “taking jobs” from anyone.

A dog walker for the majority of pet owners are actually self employed persons. Many pet parents will allow their child to walk their dogs every week or month to get a little exercise and make them feel like adults. Dogs are very adaptable animals that have adapted to several different environments, including the house. Most dog owners keep their dog in the house for various reasons, including to keep them safe, prevent their puppy from getting out of control, increase mental or physical stimulation for the dogs, help them with their daily schedule, and many more. Some even have a dog walker as a personal assistant.

There are several things a dog walker will need to do before they actually “take a job”. Some of these include purchasing a home (preferably a quiet and well lit one with ample storage room), securing a suitable place where your dog can sleep at night, building a dog walker’s dog house or yard, and installing the dog walkers equipment. They will also need time to get accustomed to the routine of daily dog daycare.

It can be difficult to find an ideal place for your dog’s dog walker, so check around before you purchase an empty location. Make sure people are not allowed to come into the yard and disturb the dog and your dog will have a lot of fun. Find a place where the children are outside, don’t put your dog alone in a car until they are old enough to ride in the car. Make sure your dog has adequate toilet facilities!
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The first month is the most difficult, as we spend a lot of time training the dog how to take care of themselves and they will have lots of work to do. They also need to do a lot of obedience training. There are a variety of dog toys and treats that dogs are used to chew on (so as not to make them aggressive) but make sure you provide a food and water bowl that they can use.

Most dog owners do their homework before hiring a dog walker, so check the Doggie Checklist (pdf) from Petco and check out our comprehensive reviews!

Is my dog responsible for food?

Yes, yes, yes. Many dog walkers will purchase a food bowl and food bowl cleaning services

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