Are dog walkers self employed? – How To Start A Walking Dog Business

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A: Yes, many dog walkers are self employed. Dogs may be in boarding with a family; in a home with a family; at a boarding facility. There are other factors that may affect your dog’s well being, but I don’t feel there are specific things that you should be keeping an eye on.

Q: How often do you have to report to the shelter?

A: As soon as your dog(s).

Q: Are I able to have a dog walker stay in my home?

A: Yes, the person who is responsible for your dog is allowed to come into your home at any time. This is only done with a written contract and is done when the potential dog walker can be seen by the owner of your dog(s).

Q: Can my child walk the dog?

A: Yes. Children and pets are permitted to stay with the dog(s), including on leash. In fact, the local shelter does not care if or when a child is around your dog for an hour. This is done because many times, a child will be more than the dog’s size and height, and the animal may be too small for them. The dog will walk in the back yard and watch the child’s every move.

Q: What happens if my dog bites anyone?

A: In general, a dog walker is the least likely person to bite anyone. However, there can be some extreme cases that require medical intervention. These cases could be in a person who already has some type of injury at the moment of biting or on someone who is very close to an animal; the bite is very deep and severe. In addition, many dog walkers and owners have their own pet’s names and other personal history that could be an issue. These cases might necessitate a veterinary evaluation.

Q: Where can I read a dog walker’s state law?

A: Here is a link to an Illinois state law on dog walkers that was developed by the Illinois Department of Health.

Q: Does my dog have a license?

A: Yes.

Q: What is a state dog license?

A: Generally, a home owner must issue a state license whenever there is a household member or dependent who is under age 8 who is capable of being supervised by the dog walker without injury to the property. The owner must also get the dog groomed and muzzled

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