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The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines dog bites as occurring when someone bites a person or when dogs bite another animal. The definition is intended to include any incident involving a dog and an actual or perceived bite. Many states also define dog bites as “threatened” injuries or situations.

Does the AKC require breed-specific regulations?

No. The AKC does not regulate dog breeds. Rather, the AKC relies upon states to establish breed-specific regulations for dog bites. As with human fatalities, the AKC is not interested in the size of a dog’s family or breed.

Is a dog ever required to be registered with the AKC?

Yes. Registration with the AKC is a requirement of owning domestic dogs. The purpose of registration is to keep an annual record of the breed, age, size, medical condition, temperament and microchip numbers. Registration data is used to determine how many dogs are permitted in a county and where dogs can be kept.

Who can participate on the AKC Board of Directors?

The AKC Board of Directors is made up of representatives of its member clubs and national associations. These groups include the German Shepherd Club of America, the American Kennel Club, the American Canine Health Association, the American Dog Breeders Association, the American Kennel Club and the Animal Welfare League of Ohio.

Can a person with a dog enter the AKC’s national show without a registration?

Yes, an individual with a dog can enter the AKC national contest without a registration. Only registered AKC organizations and national associations can enter the national competition.

Do you have to be a registered member to attend the AKC World Championships?

No. There is a no-entry fee for members of the AKC national organization.

Do you have to be registered and to keep records of the dog’s health and size?
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In order to compete in the Kennel Club Dog Show, all dogs must register with the AKC before entering the contest. Registration is also required to compete in the Dog Breeders’ Cup Dog Association Championship.

Can you receive a discount for being a member of a club?

There are no discounts for being members of national organizations and national organizations may not pass on discounts for being members to the membership of individual club members.

How do I enter the AKC national dogs and dog show contests?

There are two basic ways: in person or by

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