What is the best way to learn to draw? – Online Color Art Lessons For Middle School

How is drawing taught? Are there any books or works that I can read or other resources that I should look into?

Do You Have an Idea for a Web Page?

Is there any other aspect or aspect of drawing in particular that you are passionate about?

Do you have a particular area of drawing from which you would like to draw?

What is your own personal style or style that you would like to gain some insight into?

How has the medium changed over the years? How has the drawing profession changed over time?

What is the most important aspect of art? What is the area of art that you want to become proficient at?

Do you have the ability to draw things digitally? What is your current setup and setup for the digital artist?

Is it possible to do all that you say with a pencil, or would you like to be better, faster with the pencils?

What is the most important thing to you in a drawing?

How do you go about preparing for an exhibition or for a printmaking process?

What about the medium is most important to you, or is it a mixed bag of different mediums/ideas that you do like at the moment?

What are your goals for all of your artistic endeavors? What is your ultimate goal within art and in particular within your work ?

What advice would you give to others who are considering getting into the art world?

What are some art media that you would like to see explored in the industry?

Do you have any questions for me that you do not have an answer to?

Are there any other aspects of drawing that you would like to explore?

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