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I found that drawing is really important to learn. You need both sides of your brains working — one to keep the details, one to give the picture more depth. Learning to draw with a stick (like an art brush) makes for the best learning. The more you draw, in fact, the better the understanding of the basics will become. However, it is easy to get confused about the basic principles of drawing. I started out with just looking at the sketch, but ended up looking for the underlying principles.

One of the first things I did as a beginner was write out the process of learning to draw.

Here is the same drawing with a color line and a single fill line.

To get the background of the background to stay white, I used a small rectangle of white, so that the area inside the rectangle would have a completely white outline.

This is the sketch for a scene. Notice the white line down the middle, the solid fill, and the color, black.

Below is a line with the background color that was drawn with a stick line.

Here is a sketch of the scene using the single fill.

To make the background fill more prominent, I moved all the lines and a black solid to the side. Once again, notice the white outline near the bottom.

Here is a drawing where the background fill is solid but the solid line comes from the bottom and then back toward the top. Notice this solid line in the bottom of the sketch.

Once you’ve gotten to know the basics, I recommend you to learn a lot of different techniques and learn how to use them in different ways. That way, even though you are learning what worked best for drawing a particular scene, you will be able to work it into other scenes as well.

When doing sketches, you never want to do the same thing two or three times. That is when you will start to make mistakes. You will start to think about drawing something way before you’re ready.

The same process applies when learning to draw. Start out with the sketch, but end up looking for the underlying principles and apply them as you go.

Another great aspect about a sketch book is that it shows you how the different techniques work inside. I love to go to art museums and watch people drawing and see how they incorporate a particular techniques into their drawings. You can’t go to museums with a camera if you’re not doing drawings.

I’ve learned

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