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It does not matter what is called him, he will go to the top; and there are many in the world he will not be able to conquer.” “I believe,” added the prince, ” that this is a great blessing which we now have to have.”

“It is no gift for the rich; it is a good for all.”

So saying Charles had gone and his father gave him the hand. The prince remained with his father and was given a book of the works of M. Travis and a great number of pictures, the best of which he admired, for he had seen all these in Paris. Thereafter the young prince went to his father in the afternoon and took a seat at his side.

“Father, what is it? It’s just like an interview between myself and one of you people, eh?”

“The same,” replied his son. “But, my lad, why are you sitting like this?”

“I’m not a person of whom you talk every day.”

“Why not? I see you are going to become an eminent artist!” Then he laughed heartily.

“That’s true; I think so too,” said Charles.

“But now, if you would but go into the world you must make an opening for yourself, my son, you must not neglect to do it, otherwise you will remain a little idle, a little idle and be an empty vessel to this world. That you have become an artist is quite evident.”

“If only I was a man!” exclaimed Charles. “I think I am. I always tell my parents I’m not much more than a girl, that’s how they can put up with me. They must keep me as far away as possible from the women; they will never allow me to come near them, or the ladies will think me very ugly.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that in their opinion I am of no use.”

Charles looked at his father suddenly and said in all seriousness:

“I beg my father to take me in hand and to come and see me. I shall be the best of servants to all the ladies whom I meet; after that, the whole household will go round to see me, and I hope to be a good friend to them.”
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“Oh, that’s a good answer, my son, now you come, and tell me how you really feel.”

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