What are the best free online certificate courses? – Matt Fussell

While there are many free online certificate courses that will teach you about a subject or subject area, none of those courses should exceed the time and money that it will cost you.

The reason that so many online certificates courses don’t measure up is because they don’t offer the most accurate and helpful course content.

Take, for example, this course from the Harvard Extension School. It’s a 15-day course, but there are only 13 different courses offered.

While the Harvard Extension School is a great resource for information about the world of digital technologies, the course that it offers, “Digital Transformation,” is full of misinformation. In its first five hours, the course tells you that your business plan is obsolete because IT is the modern workplace. (Your plan of action will probably include the most outdated IT policies of all time.)

Why do free online certificate courses not measure up?

There are countless other educational institutions that can supply you with free courses for courses in a subject area that you don’t care about and that you probably will never use.

However, the only thing different about these educational institutions is that they do have access to the latest technologies.

What about the quality of the free online certificate courses? Most of what they have to offer is bogus in terms of content and presentation.

For example, take a look at this course from New America Foundation. Here’s how the courses are marketed and described:

“It’s the world’s largest online education platform that is designed to train every aspiring, tech-savvy college dropout, IT professional, or job changer.”

What else does the New America Foundation offer to students?

In the course description, there is no mention of what kind of content is being offered.

Instead, you’ll find out of a handful of “lessons” that the courses are teaching you about the world of technology. In their description, New America Foundation offers no more than five “lessons.”

What’s the deal with the New America Foundation and the free online certificate courses?

The New America Foundation works with an elite group of elite colleges and other elite schools. It has a board of directors, which makes it very valuable.

How much of the New America Foundation is used for marketing for free online certificate certificates?

The New America Foundation doesn’t need to sell you anything or ask for a donation, so they’ve gone a bit overboard, giving away thousands of free certificates

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