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Well if you don’t mind learning a hard language. Drawing apps can come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. We have some good free options in the list but here are some of our favorites:

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Free Drawing Tips and Tricks

Here you will find free drawing tip and tricks to make better drawings and to get the best out of your drawing. We’ve gathered all our free drawing tips and tricks here and there will be more as our site will grow over time.

Use the Lasso tool on your drawing to trim the outline.

Draw the center of the box with both lines as the corners.

Draw with a different color for each line.
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Always use the stroke tool to draw the lines on the line or in the outline.

Draw the edges so they are not touching each other.

Draw a straight line with each side so you can get the right look

Draw a sharp rectangle with each side. You can also draw a straight line with one side.

Draw a straight line on each side. This will give you the right appearance on the right side of your image.

Add a shadow to the edges of the box you are drawing.

Use the outline to draw more boxes and give the outline that look in the corner.

Draw the sides of the box and use the circle tool to make them smoother and more rounded.

Use the pencil tool to add a smooth gradient to the box.

Use a brush to smooth the edges of the shape.

Use the pencil tool to smooth the top of the box.

Make sure the boxes are straight but don’t forget to make them rounded.

Draw a line from each corner with the center to each other.

Draw another triangle at the center of the box.

Stroke the box with a line tool

Apply texture to the edges. Use the stroke tool.

Fill in the box with white to make more interesting.

Make the outline thicker.

Use the color wheel to make the box look like white.

Add a border to the box.

Use a curve to make the box rounded.

Use different colors to make the box lighter.

Use a black pen to draw a square.

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