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Good free drawing apps are:

Drawit: It’s a desktop app so you can’t export as PSDs, but that’s about it. No other drawing tools.

Icons Free: It comes with some free brushes and a few stickers. It’s free.

Adobe Illustrator: Free, comes with a ton of fonts and brushes. Not as good as a drawing app.

SketchUp: It’s really nice if you want to create vector art. The tool set is quite limited.

Zendesk: You can get creative with the basic vector art. But, like I said, it’s very limited. It’s free.

Which apps have been the best to teach beginner users

The best free drawing apps were Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator for Mac and Photoshop.

You need Adobe Illustrator. But not an advanced art course.

A good beginner’s software, but not an advanced art course.

Adobe Photoshop: This was the free best free drawing app.

Canvas: As far as free drawing apps are concerned, this one was the most advanced. It supports vector artwork, so it’s good if you are an artist who is wanting to improve without spending a lot of money.

The rest

Other free drawing apps:

Canva: This was a great free drawing app, but I didn’t use it often enough to be worth it. It won’t let you draw in vector, but it’s a free app.

Fantastico: In my experience Fantastico is the best drawing app. It has a clean design, so you can make your own vector art free of cost. It’s a paid version.

Bokeh: One of the best drawing apps out there for Mac. It supports Adobe Illustrator, and it will let you make vector drawings for free. It’s free.

Finite: For a great free art app, consider Finite. It’s free and it has vector artwork, and it supports Adobe Illustrator. The interface is pretty good.

Gimp: Also free and has vector art. However, it doesn’t have vector art in vector form, so you can’t use it in a vector illustration course, but you could still use it for vector design, which is one of my favorite things.

Adobe SketchUp: This app is free, but I found it slow. And

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