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It depends on your situation. Some people find it beneficial in areas like real estate that can be leveraged for profit. To make a long story short, the cost to acquire a property from a landlord can be significant. In exchange, the landlord will lend you capital at a higher rate (often 5% to 10%) and sell the property to you at a lower interest rate (often 3% to 5%).

You may be able to acquire a property for less money than that of an owner-operator who rents it out at an attractive rate. However, the landlord is not necessarily the owner in this context, and you lose out on some of the benefits of owning your own property. In the same vein, the buyer may be able to pay less to your landlord for the property.

The downside to the skillshare is that it may not be the optimal option for many people, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (as reported in 2010). The survey suggests that about 10% of properties are either owned or managed by an out-of-state landlord. Another 2% were managed by another person (usually friends or family).

How much does a skillshare cost to purchase?

Some owners say an average rental costs between about $1,000 and $4,000 per year, which is not much different than what you would pay in Sydney.

But you might want to check the total price your landlord is charging you, before you decide between buying a property that is part the skillshare and an ownership-operated property (OOC).

Will this help me get into property management?

No, as an owner-operator rental, the investment in skillshare-managed properties can only lead to the eventual loss of income once you get into property management yourself. Your landlord can charge you as much as you want when you get your own business off the ground, which often leads to loss of income to yourself.

How can I get access to training in skills such as property management?

The Skillset Sydney Skillschain has a growing network of more than 40 programs, including a number of courses in real estate and property management.
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Here are a few of the training programs the Skillchain has available:

Learn to manage properties (Sydney), Sydney Skillschain’s masterclass course, which offers more than 60 hours of online training and in-person experience.

Sydneysider (Sydney), a 24-hour online courses focused on

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