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Well, as I already explained, it is harder to create detailed art without making any mistakes. Now to explain all this in detail, lets analyze what artists should be focusing their attention. Firstly, the ability to draw. Drawing can go beyond what you would naturally have in your mind, and if you start playing with things like “how it should make it look”. How do they look on a computer? How do they look as a piece of art? How can they be painted? How can you draw the thing well when it is so far from reality? All those things can and should be analyzed. But before that, what if “what should you draw first?”

It’s not only about what is most realistic and interesting for the eyes to see; you should be doing stuff, that you enjoy. If you’re a painter or a sketch artist, you should think about how your art can express something or give something a new and exciting twist. Also when you’re doing stuff yourself, remember that drawing is not easy – you have to take lots of time and effort and focus on it.

Secondly, the ability to describe things clearly in words or in images. Drawing can only take place in your mind, and you have to draw something, and put your fingers there and use the information to draw. Not only do you need to write it down, but it’s also your job to tell other people what it is, without just writing it down. It’s a simple thing, but in art, it’s just not something I do that often.
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Thirdly, the ability to explain what you are illustrating clearly. In the early days of computer graphics, you did not need to describe something to someone. If you were using a computer, you could just create an image by copying one frame, and you understood what you were doing. But at least this is the way that I’ve seen people approach drawing for many years. This is a huge mistake, and makes it so that you don’t enjoy drawing.

I could go on and on about the various different skills that you need to be aware of if you want to be an artist. But I’d like to emphasize about this point that as an artist, you are not in the business of just creating things and sending them off. Instead you are in the business of trying to give an idea, a feeling, a feeling that people will like. The thing is that most art is about getting some kind of impression from something, and to create this, you have

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