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Yes! I spend a lot of time on it and it’s a great way to pass the time. I’ve been inspired to do paintings even though art is not my main focus but I always had this fascination in nature because I have a dream to travel and see the world in new and amazing ways.

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For an overview of the RPG faction with the same name, see Railroad.

” The people of Old Earth and the Wasteland can live in harmony together in Harmony. — In-game description

The Railroad is an elite faction. Although they seem powerful, the Railroad is just a rag-tag group, who fight the other factions in “Mutually Assured Destruction”, in which a nuclear attack on either side results in a worldwide catastrophe that renders cities to rubble, killing millions of people.[1][2] They are a very powerful faction of the Wasteland, who provide valuable resources that can be found along the rails, but may have their interests in more than just the transportation of goods.

They are one of the most powerful factions in Fallout 4. They are based out of the Hub in the Capital Wasteland, but are also found around the world in The Pitt, Hoover Dam, and other locations, and they can be joined by followers and by a single player character. In New Vegas, the Railroad is based in the Mojave Outpost in the Broken Hills region.

Like the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave, the Railroad have a reputation for working with “radicals”. However, if the Courier acquires a reputation with the Railroad, they may convince the Railroad that Radscorpions must be eradicated. In order to do this, the Courier must first obtain the Radscorpion DNA. A Brotherhood of Steel-inspired Enclave scientist has the gene for Radscorpions, but it can be acquired by speaking with the Enclave scientist with the Science skill of 50+, in a safehouse somewhere near a Radscorpion hive. However, the Radscorpions can be easily killed with standard anti-radiation measures.

Like the Radscorpions, the Railroad do not need to worry about being attacked by a hostile faction. This can be a problem if the Railroad needs supplies for their missions or is defending their property, as a hostile player faction may attack a building in the way of the Railroad’s supply supplies.

The Railroad consists out of three factions:

The Brotherhood of Steel, which are comprised of loyal clones

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