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I love working on the scenery and models that I painted for my art classes. It’s always a good challenge and I’ve got some nice tools so I can really push the limits of what I can do.
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Where did you get the inspiration for your concept?

The inspiration for the design lies in the very popular game DungeonWorld (or its derivative, D&D-like Traveller). I’ve been a big fan of that game since I played it when I was about six years old and it’s been a big part of who I am as an artist. So it really appealed to me to do something close to the visual tone of the game.

How far did you go with it?

Some people think it looks amazing! I love to get in the booth with people and I try to take full advantage of those opportunities. To see people take such a huge leap of faith and give me that much time and effort to make something I thought was a good idea would be a really gratifying feeling for I would be really proud of myself.

What’s your favorite aspect of painting for you as an artist?

I definitely prefer visualizing and creating interesting landscapes and that is something I’ve really been enjoying over the years. As far as the “painting for people who don’t look like me” I am not a person who really focuses on the details that give off the most realistic feel for something I’m doing. I am more about the composition and the feel of it. I’m also a huge fan of color. I think it is really crucial to have a wide variety of color choices in your image. Just like it is important to be able to choose your favorite colors for your paints, it is important for you to have a variety of options when it comes to painting for yourself. This also helps you to be able to have a good sense of how each one will look in your picture.

Do anyone ever call you out for taking a particular photo in a painting that isn’t what you thought of?

Usually I don’t take any issue with people taking the time to capture their experience. In fact, I usually try to look in to the work and find the most accurate representation of their vision while keeping it as authentic as possible. It is pretty common that when artists are sharing their experiences through painting a certain way, I will respond positively to it. I think some of my favorites are the ones people have posted on the forum for other artists and I will

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