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Yes, this course is now fully online. No, the online course is no longer offered.

What is the exam date schedule? Yes, for this course exams are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, starting on the first Sunday of the month. The first Monday of the subsequent month’s exam date is the next available exam date. The exam date is determined by date and day on which the course is given at the University of Manitoba.

What is the price schedule? No, the courses and exams are still held in their original places and prices.

What are the test formats? No, online courses are offered in multiple formats. For instance, the video course and exam is offered in English, Arabic and Spanish, in English on two separate screens, and in Arabic and Spanish on one screen.

What is the exam content assessment? Pass a one-hour introductory course where you study the concepts behind the subject, complete exercises, and obtain a working knowledge of how the concepts apply to real world situations. Complete a 5-point test assessing your knowledge and skills on your assigned subject area.

How are the courses and exams graded? The online course and exam is now fully available. Pass a minimum of a 2.5-hour online course course; pass a minimum of 3.0-hour exam course; Pass a minimum of 5.5-hour exam course/video course. However, the University of Manitoba does suggest completion of all five-hours of each course to ensure pass at the end of the course. The final grade will represent the degree obtained from the instructor.

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Is the course available to non-Canadian citizens? Yes, you can take the course and the exam online.

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