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If you want to be able to prove that a course is genuine, you need to prove it’s a course of study. The most likely scenario is that a course is a test of a subject you have already learned and so you don’t need to prove any certification at all.

As an alternative, you could prove to a state education authority that you have taken the course online (usually by sending in a copy of the course’s study guide). This would ensure that you know how to write an exam and pass it, thus avoiding any potential red tape.

Why do I need to pass a course?

Some courses require students to take an exam each year to prove their knowledge and skills. Others allow you to pass without taking an exam if you’re a recognised teacher.

Is it compulsory?

Some courses do require a minimum number of hours to pass. But to ensure you have passed the course you need to be able to take an exam on what you’ve learned. You won’t be able to pass it if you don’t pass it after the initial two weeks.

How long is that course and where do I expect it to be held?

Some courses require students to sit a minimum amount of courses and to be able to present their work in front of instructors after each course.

As well as the requirements of the courses and an exam in front of instructors, students have to be able to show evidence of the results of all past courses.

Some requirements involve an online component which usually need to be taken in person.

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Other requirements involve being able to go to a state or territory education authority in their area, where the certification centre is based and to pass the knowledge and skills assessment.

All certification is a formal process to pass a course, not a one-off.

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