Is learning to draw hard? – Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers

To be absolutely honest, learning to draw hard definitely isn’t hard at all. I know people who are extremely good at it, and I’ve never really seen anyone struggle to learn it, either in terms of speed or accuracy. I do have to say that some of the best art schools may not do a very good job with learning the technique. They’ll show how to draw a horse, for example, but they’ll start saying things like, “Why don’t you draw me?” or “Why don’t you draw me with my head in the right position?” and they’re going to give you a little lesson on how to draw a horse and teach you how to do it right. Well, most artists who are learning to draw aren’t beginners. And in many cases, they might say, “Okay, well I just learned how to draw this”… but I’ve seen many, many people who, for years, haven’t been able to draw the horse, or they can’t draw what they want to draw, at all.

What is the biggest challenge for you?

My biggest challenge is when your kids start to pick up their hand-drawn things, it’s kind of an open admission that we’re basically a bunch of suckers. They’re very talented kids, but a lot of the time they just don’t take us seriously as children anymore, and they can’t draw that big a range of things. One of the good things about them being able to draw is that it’s really open to experimentation. People just do what they want to do, and some of the times, their imaginations come to life, rather than they’re just drawing a line across what they see in a certain way.

Have anyone ever been able to do it as well as you?

One guy, you’d figure he’d be the best at it, but he couldn’t, and he doesn’t really give a damn anymore. He’s a writer, and he keeps drawing all day, but he can’t draw very good, and the reason behind that is he’s trying to create characters, and a lot of them he’s drawing, you know, like a lot of kids these days, are trying to do. Some of the more popular artists you’ll find are those guys, and they’ll just be drawing whatever they see in front of me, and they’ll be drawing the cartoon character, or they’ll be drawing something like that.

Your most popular image, when do you draw

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