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I had actually been working this afternoon on developing a sketching toolset for this blog but decided that today would be better than tomorrow and that I would leave the computer overnight to draw something rather than just sit at a computer.  I have been trying to break my addiction to Windows (a very good tool for drawing, by the way, which I mentioned as an entry point) and I have been working on some new tools, but I had been a little slow with this new work as it is quite simple but I have been having to use a lot of the new Windows tools to get it to behave.  So I will not be posting another picture until I have a new solution. 
I am also working on a new website for my web blog with links to my videos on my YouTube .  We will have to see what my new website looks like.
I also need a new way of storing my drawings which I have not figured out yet so here is what I have been doing (I know that this is quite obvious but it makes me happy to think that I actually do have it figured out):
I have the computer turned on and that is my first impression of the new design.  It has a clean uncluttered style, it looks similar to what I had been doing for a while (the only change being the blue background and a few small changes in my font).
Now for a picture. 
The new website will have some more photos along with some video links.  It will probably be better as I have been making some adjustments with my drawing toolset as well as changing fonts and the layout of the site.
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I would also like to have more free time.  I have not been feeling up to it to say the least.  This website probably seems good enough as all, but as I said, I will have to wait and see if it is better.
Anyway, here is my first drawing!

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