Is drawing a talent or a skill? – Online Summer Art Courses For High School Students

That’s the question! How do you know? When you learn a new thing? Or when you find a talent you’ve developed? We want to find out by letting you draw. And we don’t want to do it for you — for your enjoyment, for your pride, or for any other reason at all. It’s for us.

How We Want You To Learn How to Draw

What you need to get started is a way to learn, a drawing toolkit we think you might want.

We’ve got many drawings in the mix but don’t feel bad. We already tried them and we are not too impressed. Why not try another one?

So, what you’ll get as long as we keep the money flowing is your copy of a drawing app or computer program that makes drawing easy — an app that lets you easily draw, one size fits every subject. It will allow you to learn how to draw a wide variety of things, from animal to human, to the planet in general. Plus, it will be free to download. So get going, download and start drawing!

How It Works

We will send you one drawing app every 5 weeks.

You can make drawing easier with any of our apps:

We’ll send you two or three drawings per app. We’ll be generous if our app fits your current skill level; if you need it for the first time, we’ll send you a different one so we can match you with a fellow beginner. We’re not making the app to make you want to spend a dollar. We’re making the app to make drawing easy for you.

Here’s some sample designs drawn in Illustrator, PS, Sketch, Photoshop and even in Adobe Illustrator CS6 by a new student named Jazzy. They are free to download.

You must register once you make an account (which takes only a minute). We’ll keep your registered account active indefinitely, but you won’t automatically get a free copy of our app once you become a registered customer. To get another sample, visit our website if you don’t already have access.

Once you’re registered, you can download our app right away. Here’s one to download.
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It’s not easy to make an app easy.

We have hundreds of artists and writers (not to mention thousands more in more advanced careers like graphic designers, engineers, engineers who design, lawyers, etc. You know the drill by now: it’s

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