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The term “talent” gets bandied around frequently when discussing art, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. It makes us think of young people with talent who happen to know how to make art when we think of that particular field. Art is a skill, and skills happen to most people at some point. It can be a matter of time to learn how to be a good craftsman, to know how to draw a well-drawn picture, to know how to use color in a picture.

A skill is a set of skills, as opposed to a specific talent. It doesn’t get better and doesn’t get better to learn a new set of skills each time. A skill is something one will learn over time.

Talent vs. skill can make us think of art differently than we need to. We need to look at it as a mixture of skills.

So what is it about art in general that we might be doing wrong?

“Art: The Great Artform of the World, or How the World’s Newest Art Forms are Changing Our World,” by Mark Morris. Copyright© 2015 Mark Morris, All Rights Reserved.

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