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And can an artist be taught to be more artful?
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A good artist is both artist and entertainer.

He can do everything. He can paint landscapes and portraits. He can design furniture and fashion accessories for his customers. He can perform in concert and teach art performances. He can learn how to make his own films and television productions. He can draw and create beautiful abstract works at will for the amusement of his customers.

But most importantly, he can also make it interesting. He can create dramatic scenes and pictures to evoke emotions.

When a great artist wants to express himself in some way, his goal is to convey a thought or message that will create an emotional response. Such as “Beauty”, “Fun”, “Love”, “Peace”, or “Strength”.

That’s how the artist can be an entertainer.

He can also be an art teacher if necessary.

As an entertainer, his purpose is to entertain and connect with his audience. The best audience includes people who are able to understand what he is trying to convey, have something to laugh around or talk about, and can enjoy that message. This is a great way for an artist to connect with his customers in a good way.

Let’s take an example. You know how you love movies?

You love the art, you love the style, you love the special effects, you love the music… You could go on and on, but most of the time you simply want to find something out.

You know that it’s better to buy a movie at a good price than not knowing whether you’ll enjoy it.

You love to learn. And you can always find a good source for information on a topic.

Well, it’s great to learn so you can talk about it with a lot of people.

But you’ll miss what would be an interesting conversation if you don’t start from a point that makes sense.

That’s the key to a great conversation between an entertainer and his audience.

It’s an important skill.

It’s easy to teach artists to be more artful. It’s easy to teach people to be more interesting.

And it’s also easy and very valuable to teach people to be good listeners.

But the easiest step to learning to entertain people, is to start with what we most want to find. That’s the one that makes us laugh.

The one that makes us

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