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How do you go from one subject to the next? By using tools that aren’t very well known? Or what if you have a specific task that you want to accomplish and you don’t realize what’s going on?

When I think of painting, I’m always picturing the process of painting: it’s an extremely creative process that takes years to accomplish, but it’s the fastest way to learn a new skill. In my opinion, the biggest problem with learning painting is we usually end up using techniques that aren’t known to exist. I’m trying to change this. I think you’ll find that by starting out with the basics (sculpture), using a few tools (sculptures), and working on a broad canvas (painting) you’ll be able to create a much deeper approach to painting.

I hope that helps you understand better and develop your skills.


“One can only live once; so let’s start painting and let’s get some experience!”

The Art of Painting

by Vincent van Gogh

© Vincent van Gogh

(1873 – 1890)

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