How do you start off a painting? – Free Online Art Lessons Homeschool Connections Recorded

Usually as an example of something that you want to work with. Or a color pallet that you want to use. Or a technique and a reference and a direction. That’s how I started. I’ll call out examples of what I’m working on and the general directions I’ve taken, and then I’ll talk about how I got to that color/texture. And then I write a little script that will tell me how to do all that, and then I can start on the composition.

How much time does work require?

Typically I think I have six to seven weeks, or maybe more, to create something. Then I’ll get on a plane, maybe three weeks later, to go to a show. Then I’ll start again. There are all the little bits that I have to keep in mind as well, like the composition can change overnight. I think if I have an idea and I know I can get it right in six days, I can often finish within a day and a half. And those are the things that I know I can take away.

How much time is it you must spend in the studio?

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Not very much time. It’s basically me having a free time and spending it working. Maybe about the three days a week, maybe a little bit more, and just trying to get it into shape.

There’s a lot of people that I work with who are so into their craft that it doesn’t seem like much time does go by. That’s a big challenge right there.

Do you have a set time when you’re done and that you like to call yourself done with a piece? And why do you have that time for your work?

Yes, I do have a set time. I don’t get caught up working all night before I’ll go sleep. Or when I can’t get a deadline for something. I’ll leave my desk and go to an empty room, and I will sit there and work and come back and do it another day. It varies. I love working in the dark sometimes and in the shadow of the ceiling sometimes. And with time, my mind has a way of remembering what is best, and what needs to be done, and I can start to create on those levels very quickly.

For myself, I have this thing about doing stuff that feels right. I always feel like I’m doing my work right, even if I’m working on something in black and white. I would probably

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