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It’s hard! I’ve never found a way, so I do what I can. The idea of going out for a painting without my sketchbook is kind of ridiculous. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but this isn’t in a way that makes me feel older. Maybe I’m just doing what I feel like doing. I’m just the kind of person that is happy with what’s in front of me and has that drive to show it. Just trying to find my voice is difficult. But it’s a great way to put yourself out there and express things because a lot of times people who are not as creative are often discouraged from painting. I’ve always tried to make sure that when I do paint something something is just good enough to show the world, and I’ve painted some really good things.

Has your work been published?

I don’t know. I’m happy when I find something that I’m proud of. But I’m still kind of scared of it. I’m kind of a loner as far as the publishing side of things. I feel like you really just show that when you are a person that’s out there, and you’re out having fun, you should have the opportunity to share your work with the world. I just hope people like it and that I’m successful because I want fans to enjoy the work I do while I’m away.

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What’s going to be on your blog this summer?

I’m going to have a new picture book, and I will be having a contest in which people can vote for their favorite painting and then I will do the picture next. The winner of the contest will be invited to take part in the book.

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Most of that partisan divide is down to Republicans’ greater tendency to rate Trump lower than independents do or Democrats do. About half of Democrats (51 percent) say they view Trump about the same as they did a few months ago, while 39 percent consider him less favorably than they did last spring. Republicans’ views on the president have worsened in more recent months. Last spring, 60 percent of Republicans said they approved of the way Trump was doing his job. Now, 40 percent say they approve. Independents’ ratings for the president have fluctuated depending on whether they have voted in the presidential election

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