How do you draw an online course? – Online Art Lessons Kids

You will get an invite to the course by posting your content in this blog-topic. You can post a link at the top of this page, at the right of this post or at for everyone. The course will start from the beginning and we will be publishing every month. Please contact me if you have any questions after that.

When are we going to start? I’m going to miss the online classroom portion in this course, but will you ever be able to make the same changes?

You are going to be very welcome to be in the course as long as you have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript and a solid knowledge in basic marketing.

How do I submit my material for the online course?

Please email your work in PDF, JPG or SVG to

Is this a private course?

No. Tnt is an open online education system and it is not our intention to hide our students from public view.

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How long do I have to send in my content for the online course?

You can send in your work as long as you have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript and a solid knowledge in basic marketing

What if my email does not show up? Is there something wrong with your email domain name? I am getting a DNS (domain name and service name) error. How do I fix this?

First we will start working on creating a work order so you can upload your content and submit a payment. Then we will create your website and create the link that will allow you to post your course links.

Does this mean my email addresses will be exposed on the course?

Your email address has nothing to do with your registration. Once you have used the link of the course, you may link your email account back to it. However, since the course is an open course system, every time you have a new course link in your email, we will link it back to the course page. After the course is completed, you will no longer have your email address attached to your domain name.

Does this mean the course itself is accessible to

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